Winter Linky Love Kick-Off!


We’re kicking off a new term of student bloggers & a new series of “linky love” (best of) posts. This term, I have the pleasure of co-teaching with Mandy Drakeford, so each week’s collection of links will include some favorites from both of us. As always, you can learn more info about these “linky loves” and the background on the students’ assignment here.

Let’s get to the links!

SOPA and PIPA: Let’s Pause and Write Rational Piracy Legislation (Technorati) Think SOPA and PIPA were gone for good? Think again. This is just the start of negotiating rational piracy legislation.

Anonymous Threatens Facebook Shutdown Jan. 28 (Mashable) Could you handle a day without Facebook? Anonymous asks the American people, via YouTube video, to help hack Facebook servers on Jan. 28.

Report: Government officials, CEOs least credible spokespeople to public (PR Daily) Who do you trust to give the most credible information about an organization? Not CEOs or government officials according to the Edelman Trust Barometer.

12 Ads That Changed Super Bowl Marketing (AdAge) What do you think of this list? Are there any ads they left out?

7 Things Nonprofits Should Focus on in 2012 (Razoo) A list of new brand building strategies for nonprofits to explore this year.

Social Media – Part of Your Web Strategy? (SiteProNews) Facebook is “not just teenagers anymore.” How can various industries use Facebook?

Jumping from journalist to social media marketer? 5 things to know (PR Daily) Interesting tips for journalists entering the social media world.

Optimize Your Social Media Schedule. 4 Tips to Avoid the Social Media Time Suck (TopRank Blog) Some advice for you as you’re figuring out how to balance all this SM stuff.

7 Reasons Every Job Seeker Should Blog ({grow}) See? We told you so.

Three Fashion Brands Leveraging Instagram’s API for Marketing Success (Fashionably Marketing Me) I love that fashion brands are often on the forefront of trying new tools. Bergdorf Goodman, ALDO and Levi’s take the leap with Instagram.

Ethical Fashion Show (Europa Regina) Interesting and, apparently, not new. But what does involvement in an ethical fashion show say about your fashion brand? How does it help communicate a company’s values?

Tampa Bay Lightning Fire Mascot Who Was Tackled By Boston Fan (Deadspin) Is the Tampa Bay team taking the right action here?

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