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We’re back in session & Strategic Public Relations Communications is in full swing. As with previous term, my ducklings are embarking on an 8 week blogging adventure. I’m fully confident they’ll be remarkable.

As part of that assignment, each week, I try to inspire them with some of my favorite posts of the week. I enjoy sharing new-to-them voices and new ideas and generally keeping them on their toes. This week’s links:

What’s Your Social Media Personality from Sam Fiorella

Oh how important it is that we think about how who we are online accurately reflects who we are. This post gives some good food for thought , especially as you’re thinking about launching new social media initiatives, on what are the elements of your social media personality.

Assignment: Make America Passionate About Innovation from Edward Boches

I love stuff like this. And when you get all growed-up and get into the daily grind and work your way up the proverbial ladder, you don’t get to think like this as often as you should. Take the opportunity when you have the luxuries of time and indulgence that you do now (trust me, you have the luxury of time and indulgence) and think about what would it take to make America passionate about innovation. Makes your brain tingle… or it should, anyway.

11 Actionable Trends for 2011 from David Armano

“Actionable” is the key word. This time of the year, you’ll find predictions and trend-philosophizers are a dime a dozen. The experience & understanding of the team at Edelman Digital results in an “actionable” slideshow with the trend and what you can DO about it (as a biz or content creator) right now. As a student – do you want to know what those who do social media/PR/etc are thinking about right now? This is it.

Top 10 Harvard Business Review Blog Posts from HBR

HBR has really great content and this “top 10” is a fantastic catch up from the last year. For the purposes of this week’s responses, dear students, you can pick any of these that catches your eye. They’re all great.

4th Annual Mashable Award Winners at Mashable

You know a list is credible when Angry Birds wins best mobile game. Love the Angry Birds. Seriously, Mashable is the leading source for social media and digital media news. Each year, they give awards (based on reader votes)… thus, the 4th annual Mashable awards list (duh.). This is a fun list to explore. I found several apps that I wasn’t familiar with. Check it out and get inspired to check out something new.

26 Tips for Enhancing Your Experience on LinkedIn from Social Media Examiner

Some of you are working on your LinkedIn profiles and these tips – an “A to Z” guide – can help. As a response post, it might be interesting to share your process and reflect on your experiences getting started (or refining) LinkedIn. I’m sure your classmates and other young professionals would benefit from your experience.

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