Ducklings in the Water! We Have New Student Bloggers

Toy Ducks

It’s that time again! My class of Strategic PR Communication students take to the water and launch their blogs. For many of them this term they’ve blogged before – although not on a topic of their choice, more of a multimedia journalism endeavor. So this is new territory!

If you have a moment, take some time to read a few and say hello (what blogger doesn’t like comments?).

Crystal Barce

Katie Brennan

Mackenzie Davids

Nicole Hyslop

Ayan Jama

Caitlin Jarvis

Andy Jenness

Rachel Koppes

Heather Lee

Daniel McCrone

Isabelle Morse-Dias

Julia Neff

Alaina Revoir

Stephanie Sahagian

As a bonus shout-out for last spring’s class & hopefully some inspiration for this term’s ducklings, here are my picks for “best of” from Spring 2011.

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