Spring Sun Linky Love


Oh it’s sunny today. Hallelujah! There’s always good stuff to share with you from the week, so let’s get to it!

When History is Compiled 140 Characters at a Time (NYTimes) – I think this is fascinating! Not to bias you or anything… :-)

What is Value? Depends on Who You Ask (PerkettPRsuasion) – Determining what employers, clients or just different managers value is important. How do you do it? and how do you keep them all straight?

Jobs Watch: The Intern Hiring Index (OregonBusiness) – Does number of interns hired indicate economic recovery?

Tracking Success with Social Networking (java social networking) – How do you know if your time is being used effectively? This is a biz perspective, but you can glean some takeaways for your own social media use, too.

BP: From Natural Disaster to PR Disaster (PR Squared) – The tragedy that is the gulf coast oil spill is only worsened by BPs communication. Seriously, shouldn’t it know better?

Finding Time to Write (Freelance Switch) – What is “writing,” anyway?

Blog Photography Resources (Social Media Explorer) – What fortuitous timing! We were just talking about this…

The 5 New Features on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn PR Pros Need to Understand (Social Media Today) – New stuff! Why does it matter? Good overview here.

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