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Creating Compelling Blog Posts: A Checklist

Creating a blog post is really more than just writing good content. The following checklist can help you ensure that your post is readable, findable and shareable.

  • Do you have a compelling headline? There’s some dos and don’ts.
  • Does your post have good structure & provide useful information? Plenty of folks have written posts on how to write posts. Take a look around.
  • Does your post invite feedback or ideas?
  • Did you provide at least one in-text hyperlink? Don’t include links as text, hyperlink them using the “link” button.
  • Did you include an image? (or other multimedia) 
 Some blog templates require an image, but even if it’s not required, an image helps to make your post more visually attractive. 
Try, or flickr (creative commons licensed) for images. Or check out some of these sites for free or cheap images.
  • Did you assign a category or categories? Categories help to organize your content. When your blog has a lot of posts, categories can help you visitor find what he or she is looking for.
  • Did you include tags based on keywords in the post?

What did I forget? What’s on your checklist?


  1. LaurenPeters

    Kelli, thanks for some great suggestions. I’ve noticed just by reviewing comments that when I post images and ask questions, I get a much higher response rate than when the post is less engaging. There’s definitely something to really planning out a post to make it stimulating to both the eye and mind. It also seems like successful bloggers vary their kinds of posts. Some days there might be basic bullet point posts, and others there might be an in depth review of something.

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