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The question that I hear the most about Twitter is “How do I find people to follow?”

Twitter often seems a bit overwhelming at first, but when you find the right people to follow (and follow you back) you can start to build really meaningful connections.

To start, figure out who the thought leaders are. You can get a good sense of these by checking out lists of recommended people to follow.

Three great lists:

  • Dave Fleet’s two lists of people to follow: one, two.
  • The Twitter Power 150 (the twitter IDs of the top 150 marketing, advertising and PR bloggers)

But maybe you’re looking for people in a specific niche or outside the realm of marketing, PR and advertising? Some good applications to try.

  • TweepSearch: This site will let you enter keywords or locations and searches people bios.
  • WeFollow: Twitterers tag themselves with up to three categories. You can search by tag. This is a pretty new service, but seems to be very popular and populated with lots of people.
  • Nearby Tweets: Just enter a zip code, keyword and/or radius and find people in your community.
  • TwitterPacks. Find like minded people sorted by category and interest.

Hopefully this list will give you some fuel for your twitter bus. You can also check out this great list of 100 twitter tools, designed for educators, but the tools can be used by anyone. And of course, lots of tips and resources via my Delicious bookmarks.

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