The Loviest of Linky Loves: Valentine’s Week

I felt like categories this week. I’m just that kind of girl.
Let’s get right to it! Some of my favorite posts of the week:

Social Media:
EBook on Social Media Marketing (PR Squared): It would be great if you read and blog about this, but I think it’s a must read, regardless.
The World Unites for Clean Water (WOMMA)

Crisis Management:
Crisis PR Advice for Bailed Out Boneheads (Kel Kelly)
The Kim Family Search: An Insider’s Crisis Management Case Study (Johnathan Bernstein)

General PR:
Gee, Beav, Isn’t PR Just Like Advertising (Bad Pitch Blog)
What’s Your Client’s Motivation? (Client Service Insights)
Oh Kellogg Co… Watch Out for Reefer Madness (Corporate Hallucinations)

Can the Reputation of Israel be Saved (KD Paine’s Measurement Standard)
Public Relations in the Czech Republic (PRBlogger)

Social Media Starter Kit: LinkedIn (Altitude Branding)
Rachel Created a Job for Herself (Connie Bensen)
The One Interview Question (Public Relations Matters)

Pop Culture:
How Will Chris Brown Incident Effect [sic] Rihanna’s Career? (VH1)
Mother Deserves Tolerance (USA Today)

Mad Ninja Skill for Getting Anything Done (Remarkable Communication)
The Value of a Personal Mission Statement (Dumb Little Man)

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